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The Leap is proud to have worked with the Financial Times to create the FT Future 100 UK 2018/2019 – a list of high-growth businesses that are shaping the future of their industry and contributing positively to society and their community.

Companies listed in The FT Future 100 UK were independently researched by Statista and selected by a panel including the Financial Times, Mishcon de Reya and Statista. The list, as well as important themes and case studies drawn from it, are featured in a special report published by the Financial Times.

The FT Future 100 UK companies are included in The Leap. The Leap brings together business founders and leaders through a series of events and workshops, creating a community of like-minded individuals who can learn from each other and share their experiences and ideas on how to shape the future of their industry and society.

The criteria for inclusion in the FT Future 100 UK 2018/2019 list were:

  • Revenue of at least €100,000 generated in 2013 (or currency value equivalent as of December 31, 2013)
  • Revenue of at least €1.5 million generated in 2016 (or currency value equivalent as of December 31, 2016)
  • The company is independent (the company is not a subsidiary or branch office of any kind).
  • The revenue growth between 2013 and 2016 was primarily organic (i.e. “internally” stimulated)
  • If a company is listed on a stock exchange, its share price has not fallen 25 per cent or more since 2016
  • Initiative to disrupt the industry
  • Drive to make an impact on society or environment
  • Proven track record of diversity
  • Ambition for growth
Company Sector Impact All-Rounder/Consistent Growth Founded
Adhunter Ecommerce Disruption 2010
AlphaSights Support Services Consistent Growth 2008
AnalogFolk Advertising Diversity AR 2008
Aspens Services Food & Beverage Consistent Growth 2008
Azzure IT Technology Consistent Growth 2011
Black Swan Data Technology Consistent Growth 2011
BookingBug Technology Consistent Growth 2008
Castlefield Partners Financial Services Diversity 2002
Catapult Enterprises (Propercorn) Food & Beverage Diversity ARCG 2011
CDL Group Technology ESG 1977
Clifton Packaging Group Food & Beverage Diversity 2002
CMSPI Management Consulting ESG 2011
Communicate plc Technology Consistent Growth 2011
Coppola Foods Food & Beverage Diversity 2012
Croud Inc Sales & Marketing ESG 2011
Diamond Logistics Transport ESG 1992
Dotmatics Technology Disruption 2005
Ebury Financial Services Diversity ARCG 2009
Ecometrica Technology Consistent Growth 2008
Efficio Management Consulting Consistent Growth 2000
Endava Technology Consistent Growth 2006
Ennismore Travel & Leisure Consistent Growth 2012
Falcon Green Personnel Support Services ESG CG 2012
Fevertree Drinks Food & Beverage Consistent Growth 2005
Fonix Fintech Disruption CG 2006
Forresters (Sales) Food & Beverage ESG 1970
Frank Recruitment Group Support Services Consistent Growth 2006
Global Graphics Technology Disruption 1996
Global Support Services (GSS) Support Services Diversity CG 2010
Goodfellow & Goodfellow Food & Beverage Consistent Growth 2011
GPF Lewis Construction Consistent Growth 2006
Grabyo* Technology Disruption 2013
Gravitas Recruitment Group Support Services ESG 2009
GreenTech Distribution Telecoms Consistent Growth 2010
Hadrian Technology Cyber Security Consistent Growth 1999
Harley Therapy Health Diversity AR 2006
Housesimple Property Consistent Growth 2007
In Touch Networks Ecommerce Diversity AR 2006
INDE Technology Disruption 2009
Inside Ideas Group Advertising Diversity 2003
iStorage Technology Diversity 2009
Joe & Seph’s Food & Beverage Consistent Growth 2010
Just Eat Technology Consistent Growth 2009
Lily’s Kitchen Food & Beverage ESG 2007
Lineup Systems Technology Consistent Growth 2009
Lioncourt Homes Property Consistent Growth 2006
Lottoland* Games industry Disruption CG 2012
LoveCrafts Ecommerce Consistent Growth 2011
LW Solutions Industrial Goods Disruption AR 2011
Manolete Partners Financial Services Disruption 2011
Mansion House Consulting Management Consulting Diversity 2009
McGinley Human Resources Support Services Diversity 2010
Midstream Energy* Industrial Goods ESG 2009
MOO Print Media Consistent Growth 2004
Ndemic Creations Games industry ESG 2012
Nectere Support Services Diversity 2010
Neon Diagnostics Health Consistent Growth 2011
NewVoiceMedia Technology ESG 2000
Northvale Construction Construction Consistent Growth 2008
O’Donovan (Waste Disposal) Waste management & recycling ESG 1959
Obelisk Legal Support Solutions Law Diversity 2010
Olivia von Halle Fashion Diversity 2010
Omar Park Homes Construction Consistent Growth 1965
Optal Financial Services Consistent Growth 2005
Oxford Summer Courses Education ESG 2012
Ozaroo Ecommerce Consistent Growth 2010
Paymentsense Fintech Consistent Growth 2008
Phelan Construction Interiors ESG 1987
Portafina Financial Services Diversity 2009
Prepaid Financial Services Financial Services ESG CG 2007
Principle Holdings Management Consulting ESG 1987
PrivateFly Travel & Leisure Consistent Growth 2008
Quanta Consultancy Services Support Services ESG 1992
Quill Content Sales & Marketing Disruption 2011
Ratesetter Fintech ESG CG 2009
Readie Construction Construction Consistent Growth 2007
Red Badger Consulting Management Consulting ESG 2010
Redington Financial Services ESG 2008
Regulatory Finance Solutions Management Consulting ESG CG 2005
Republic of Media Advertising ESG 2012
Rivers Finance Group Financial Services Consistent Growth 2002
Roc Technologies Support Services Consistent Growth 2011
Scott Brownrigg Group Architecture ESG 1993
Send For Help Support Services Disruption 2010
Shaylor Group Construction ESG 2002
Shopper Media Group Advertising Diversity 2008
Small World Financial Services Group Fintech Disruption 2005
Smarkets Fintech Diversity CG 2008
Spektrix Technology Diversity 2007
Stratajet Travel & Leisure Disruption 2011
SuperAwesome Technology Disruption CG 1999
The Media Image Advertising Disruption 2009
The Office Group Property ESG 2003
the7stars UK Advertising ESG 2005
TouchNote Ecommerce Consistent Growth 2007
Trak Global Group Technology ESG 2009
Victor Travel & Leisure ESG CG 2010
Wealth Dynamix Fintech Disruption 2012
Workplace Futures Group Construction ESG 2007
World of Books Ecommerce ESG 2007


* Companies marked with an asterisk had less than 12 months of revenue in the 2013 financial year, but it still passed the FT 1000 minimum equivalent of €100,000 revenue.
** Employee numbers marked with an asterisk are for 2016, and absolute employee growth is 2013-16.
CAGR — compound annual growth rate.

FT Special Report UK

Introducing FT Future 100 UK  – a list of high-growth businesses that are shaping the future of their industry and contributing positively to society and their community. Click here to view the report.