SPOTLIGHT ON: Timo Boldt, Gousto

Today we’re catching up with Timo Boldt, CEO and founder of recipe box company, Gousto. Since launching in 2012, Gousto has helped make cooking from scratch easier, distributing recipe boxes with fresh, pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions across the UK.

1. What is the mission of your business and how do you hope it will change the world?

At Gousto, our mission is to help feed family life through good food. We’re passionate about showing people an easier and more convenient way to eat well – revolutionising how they approach mealtimes and guaranteeing zero food waste.

Understanding that family life can be demanding to juggle, we deliver simple ways to make cooking from scratch possible, with a service that can be tailored around individuals’ needs. From planning through to cooking, we take the hassle out of mealtimes, by delivering fresh, pre-measured ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes directly to doors.

Helping people enjoy tasty, fresh-cooked meals, which reduce food waste – Gousto helps make lives easier and the time families spend together more rewarding.

2. What’s your biggest challenge in growing your business?

Hyper growth requires you to hire fast, but hiring the right people can be a challenge. The number one ingredient for success is people – strategically hiring the best talent at the right time, whilst still being able to constantly re-assess your existing team and capabilities. A robust hiring process is key, which is born out of being honest about what type of culture you really want to create. There’s no room for hidden biases in the recruitment process. I recommend anonymising certain recruitment stages, auditing the process and avoiding gender stereotyping – all this helps in building the strongest team for growth.

3. What advice would you give to your former self when you were starting your business?

I couldn’t afford to pay market salaries during the first few years of Gousto – a challenge all start-ups face. Whilst I’ve always focused on people and culture, in hindsight I should have invested even more. Hiring the right superstar can have a transformative impact on a business.

4. What part of the job do you most love?

It’s simple – I love people. I learn so much every week from those I surround myself with. From meeting CEOs and investors, to interviewing talented candidates and working alongside a strong team who share my passion for food – it gives me a buzz. I’m highly extroverted, so it’s exciting to hear stories and experiences from those I can learn from.