SPOTLIGHT ON: Jacyn Heavens, Epos Now

Jacyn Heavens, CEO of award-winning electronic point of sale (EPOS) provider Epos Now, tells us about surviving fast-growth and what he loves most about his job.

1. What is the mission of your business and how do you hope it will change the world?

I founded Epos Now in the belief that all businesses, regardless of their size, should be able to leverage the power of technology enabling them to thrive. SMEs are the backbone of this country and it’s important we support them, and for us, that means equipping them with the right tools for the job.

If we empower these businesses to be the masters of their own futures we can protect the diversity of the high street. If corporations keep swallowing up small businesses, local restaurants, corner shops, independent retailers, we end up with clone high streets, identical in every city. All business owners are entrepreneurs and we want to protect their investment and help their business grow.

2. What’s been your biggest challenge in growing your business?

The growth acceleration has been the biggest challenge. The demand for the product was huge, with Epos Now experiencing on average 156% growth year on year. It’s been an amazing journey from the back room above my bar to being named Europe’s 46th fastest growing company!

Getting the right team in place to accommodate this growth, implementing new products and services to support our ever expanding customer base was difficult and we are still onboarding 10 new hires a month to address these shortages.

3. What advice would you give to your former self when you were starting your business?

I’d probably warn myself it will be far from plain sailing and that’s ok because ultimately it’s the mistakes and setbacks that teach you the most. When you invest everything, both financially and emotionally, it’s hard to look at things objectively. If you’re in the middle of sh*tstorm you might not immediately be able to see the way out! Owning mistakes and learning from them has taught me more about myself and the world of business than my successes ever have.

4. What part of your job do you most love?

I love the feeling of being part of something that’s bigger than myself, knowing my products are assisting 30,000 businesses, business owners and their families thrive. I love watching my team come together each month celebrating the collective success of what we’ve achieved and watching my workforce develop into these amazing young professionals ready to take on the world! We now employ over 250 people across our UK and US operations, each of whom is as passionate about improving the lives and businesses of our customers as I am.

I also can’t deny I still love the buzz of closing a big deal! I’ll always be a salesman at heart and that drive is something that’ll never leave me!