Shapers: Steve King

Steve King is the CEO of Black Swan – the data-science start-up that uses artificial intelligence to accurately predict trends in consumer behaviour.

Having studied Cognitive Science at Exeter University, Steve has gone on to apply his tech, coding and visualisation skills to solving his clients’ challenges, helping them work out what will be important tomorrow by arming them with products that transform the way their brands create value from data.

He met Co-Founder Hugo Amos in Canada whilst working in technology and marketing, and they launched Black Swan in the UK in 2011. Their aim was to provide a better way for businesses and brands to make use of the mass data available to them, and Black Swan now works with some of the world’s leading consumer-faced brands including Pepsico, Panasonic Avionics, Tesco, and GSK.

Follow Steve on Twitter @accidentalceo1.

“I was really passionate about how people think.”

“Cognitive science is about how people think and potentially how machines could think in the future.”

“If you really live by your values, no matter what, everyone who works for you then will then carry that on to the next person.”

“My job is really just to help facilitate the product.”

“People will always find a way to help you out.”

“We’re really, really strong on values but the one which is most important is inquisitiveness.”

“Be honest and be open. It’s amazing what humans can get through.”

“You need to be able to have a long-term view and look at people around you, as well as being selfish sometimes.”

“No matter how bleak things get sometimes, you’ve just got to get up.”

“The mission at the moment is to revolutionise primary research.”