Shaper: William Reeve

Having always had an interest in business, William Reeve is the CEO of, a property technology company on a mission to provide the best rental experience in the world. Also the Non-Executive Chairman of Nutmeg and non-Exec Director at Dunelm PLC, William Co-Founded Fletcher Research (now NASDAQ:FORR), and Secret Escapes. He has previously served in a number of the leading internet businesses in the UK/Ireland as a Founder, in an operating role, a Non-Executive role, as an investor or sometimes a combination of all of them.

“We were in the right place, at the right time.”

“We leveraged our network well.”

“When you face the diving board, you’ve got to jump off.”

“You need a clear idea on what your business is trying do and you need an idea on why it has a right to exist.”

“I don’t think I am as logical, analytical or tough as other people I might know, but I do think I am an analytical person by nature.”

“I have always been interested in business.”

“There are some entrepreneurs you would go to the end of the earth for.”

“I am very keen to build a collaborative and consultative approach to making decisions.”

“The world I am trying to create is one where I’ve got a good class of characters and relatively un-hierarchical.”

“I am trying to make sure everyone knows what the business is trying to achieve and what their role in it is.”