Shaper: Tamara Littleton

Tamara Littleton is Founder and CEO of The Social Element, a social media agency advising some of the world’s biggest brands on how to use social media to solve business challenges.

Having left her role running a BBC web team, Tamara founded The Social Element in 2002 before the explosion of social media with the ambition of challenging the conventional agency model by pioneering and building her global business (now 300+ strong) predominantly through a remote working model.

In 2013, Tamara also Co-Founded Polpeo, a crisis simulation platform designed to help brands and their agencies prepare for how a crisis would affect them online.

Tamara is a tech pioneer, a champion of the diversity, LGBTQ and female entrepreneurial agenda and passionate about keeping children safe online.

Follow Tamara on Twitter @tlittleton.

“I’ve always been curious.”

“There are different types of entrepreneurs.”

“I am one of these people who classically just fell into different things.”

“Being a goalkeeper means you can see everything, and it has influenced how I run my company and how I think about things.”

“The most important thing I did was teach myself to touch type.”

“I’ve always been a bit of a geek.”

“I stole a key and I used to go into the computer room and code during break times or late at night.”

“I taught myself how to code.”

“We help brands communicate in a human way.”

“Technology is my passion.”

“Culture is incredibly important.”