Shaper: Sophie Deen

Sophie Deen is the founder and CEO of kids’ media company, Bright Little Labs. Bright Little Labs was founded in 2015 with the aim to inspire the next generation with interactive stories, promoting critical thinking, computer science and equality for children. A former lawyer and children’s play therapist, Sophie has worked alongside Code Club, Google and the Department For Education to help introduce the new coding curriculum in primary schools.

Being named as one of Computer Weekly’s ‘Most influential women in UK IT’ in 2017 and 2018, the London Tech Week’s ‘Changemaker’ in 2018, and the Barclays/Everywoman ‘Start-up Founder of the Year’ in 2017, Sophie believes in the power of storytelling to promote critical thinking, computer science and equality for all children.

“I wanted to do something about how children see themselves, and how they see the world around them through stories.”

“I think that we need to think differently about how we’re being educated and how we’re preparing for the future.”

“I found that children never saw themselves in stories.”

“I started looking more into representation in kids stories.”

“I believe in what I am doing.”

“I wanted to make stories that gave all children access to digital skills so they could be prepared for the future.”

“Everyone said that I should be a lawyer because I was quite good at arguing at home.”

“My stories allow children to really learn about the digital world that they live in.”

“I feel that I am in a privileged position and have every opportunity to succeed.”

“I really care about using the platform and voice that I’ve got, so I really don’t want to fail.”