Shaper: Robin Tombs

Robin is a serial tech entrepreneur and investor. He is CEO and Co-founder of Yoti, the digital identity app.

Prior to Yoti, Robin was Co-founder and Finance Director at Gamesys, one of the world’s leading online gaming operators. He is also a serial angel investor in a handful of technology companies and a trustee of Future First.

And a short bio of Yoti just in case that is required too:

Yoti is a digital identity platform and free consumer app with over 4 million installs since November 2017. Yoti gives individuals more control over their data, and is designed with privacy and security at its core.

Yoti’s ground-breaking applications span retail and online age estimation, age verification, identity verification from financial services to seamless travel at airports, as well as providing government eID and digital signatures.



“A lot of people will find reasons why you shouldn’t do something or why your idea isn’t a good idea.”

“There are always nine good reasons why you might not want to create a business, there is usually only one or two which kind of make some sense.”

“This world is quite often unfair and cruel but people can do as much as possible to try and make things a bit better.”

“There are a whole load of things which you realise are really, really difficult and it wasn’t long before we didn’t have any money.”

“Things are messy the first time you try and run a business.”

“Recruit as many good people as possible and life gets easier.”

Try and learn it all yourself, you’ll make a lot of mistakes.”

If it’s too difficult we can say at least we tried.”

“I’ve learnt that keeping a level head is part of running a business.”

“I think any business is always a bit of a rollercoaster.”

“You are always a little bit up and down – if you are running your own business you have to be able to handle that.”