Shaper: Ric Lewis

Founding the firm in 2009, Ric Lewis is the Executive Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Tristan Capital Partners – a London-based real estate investment management company with €11.0+Billion in AuM (Assets under Management), specialising in investment strategies in all property types across the UK, and continental Europe for global institutional, endowment and private wealth investors.

Tristan, headquartered in London, is majority-owned and autonomously managed by its principals with 140+ members of staff in eight locations across Europe, and has been voted by industry peers as the European Real Estate Private Equity Firm of the Year in 2014 and 2015, and won The Queen’s Award for Enterprise and International Trade 2017.

Outside of work, Ric gets involved with organisations dedicated to improving the pathways to, and the quality of education, especially for children from less advantaged areas and environments. In 2009, Ric founded his own UK and US registered charitable foundation, The Black Heart Foundation – dedicated to supporting initiatives that improve educational benefits for young people and providing opportunity to those who are otherwise denied it.

He also serves on a number of educational and community Boards including the Board of Trustees of Dartmouth College (USA), Board of Visitors for the Belfer Center – John F. Kennedy School of Government – Harvard University, Board of Governors of King Solomon and the Board of Trustees (Chairman) of The Institute of Imagination and The Board of Trustees of the Royal National Children’s Springboard Foundation.

“What we pride ourselves in doing is creating an incredible culture around a business idea.”

“We’ve created an environment where people really feel like they can thrive and grow.”

“You have to learn the basics of your craft.”

“To be successful in anything in life, you’ve got to find a way to bring passion and curiosity.”

“The ethos behind the firm is: we have to be confident, expert and creative, finding different things, markets and challenging opportunities.”

“I knew I had a responsibility to perform, to thank (my parents), to show my gratitude for the sacrifices they made.”

“I am at a stage in my life where I am considered an accomplished, venerable, professional and leader in the community and it just struck me that I am still that cheeky little kid.”

“Our goal is to remove the barriers to aspiration and achievement so that young people who are talented and committed can pursue their inspiration without impediment.”

“The conversation about social mobility, the potential of not having a diverse talent base, and everything we want to do in this country has changed, but the execution hasn’t.”

“A big challenge is being able to say no more effectively.”

“I am much more focussed on the things that are going to make me excited.”