Shaper: Pip Murray

Pip Murray is the Founder of the nut butter brand Pip & Nut, which offers a range of eight naturally nutritious nut butters. A keen marathon runner and a fierce foodie, Pip had the inspiration for the brand when she couldn’t find a delicious but nutritious protein source to fuel her training. Taking matters into her own hands, she set about creating her own brand. So far it’s encompassed everything from market trading and crowdfunding to national supermarket launches and international expansion.

Now four years old, Pip & Nut is the fastest growing nut butter brand in the UK. All products are 100% natural, free from refined sugars, additives and palm oil. It can be found in five international markets and over 5,500 stores around the UK and Europe.

In January 2019, Pip won ‘Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the Natwest Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

“I never thought that I’d ever run a business. It didn’t even cross my mind.”

“I am dyslexic, as are many kind of business owners that kind of start something up. You are always striving to push yourself harder and having to accept failure. That turns into resilience, which is probably one of my biggest assets.”

“I am not a real detail orientated person.A bit more broad brush strokes, a bit more practical.”

“I am an eternal optimist, I really am. I always look on the bright side and I think that can also bite you in the backside sometimes, particularly having to be a bit more realistic and practical.”

“The first couple of years are the toughest, when you’ve not got any sales, when you are trying to figure out how to make the product, how to convince people to give you money to help launch it, what the brand positioning is… As a sole Founder it is really quite isolating.”

“I used to count every single month and celebrate the fact we were still trading and not going bankrupt. You’ve got to be able to live with a level of uncertainty.”

“It was really unnerving but also quite exhilarating and liberating thinking, ‘God, I don’t have a boss, how weird is this? I don’t have to tell anyone what I’m doing today’. You enjoy the good times and you feel like you are really living.”

“I don’t understand why people try and pretend that they are more than they are. Just be as open and honest as you possibly can – it gets you way further down the line.”

“I love that people love the brand, that there is this real warmth to it.”

“If you give to people and are generous with your time and offer some advice, whatever it happens to be, I generally think it comes back to you at some point or another.”