Shaper: Dr Nick Taylor

After gaining a doctrine himself in clinical psychology and having worked in a leadership role for the NHS, Dr. Nick Taylor became interested in corporate wellness and how organisations can benefit by looking after their employees. Determined to implement a strategy that would enable the NHS to best support its workers, Nick realised that there was a clear gap in the market for a platform that would provide all organisations with the tools to do this. With this belief in the importance of offering a proactive solution, Nick co-founded Unmind in 2016.

Unmind is a workplace mental health platform that provides clinically-backed tools and training to create healthier, happier more human organisations. Unmind provides a positive, proactive solution that enables employers to improve their mind, assess their own mental wellbeing, or find support in times of need. It also enables organisations, by aggregating and anonymising their employee mental health data, to create mental health strategies that are most appropriate for their people in a truly data-led way. The platform offers bite-sized exercises for everyday wellbeing, personalised assessments and customised programmes to help improve on specific areas such as stress, focus and sleep. All the content on the platform is produced by expert clinicians, authors and academics. Clients include John Lewis & Partners, Just Eat, William Hill and to name a few.

Interview highlights

“We have mental health all of the time, all of our lifequotes go here.”

“It’s our interpretation and understanding of what’s going on in our mental health that’s important as opposed to fixing something that’s broken”.

“If you really think about what our mental health is, it’s our ability to think, to be creative, to problem solve, to build relationships, to dream, to like feel all the emotions that we feel”.

“We’ve more or less ended up in a place where mental health has become really stigmatised”.

“I think if you had met me as a ten year old and you’d said “What do I want to do?” I would have told you I wanted to run a business”.

“It’s always really interested me, how you build something, how you create something new”.

“It comes down to making sure you’ve got the right team”.

“Collaboration is incredibly important – letting people thrive and be autonomous and drive to find solutions rather than it be a top down approach.

“One of the really exciting things about what we’re doing is that fundamentally if we do our job right, we are going to help people to look after their mental health in ways that were never possible before”.