Shaper: Nick Deyong

Nick Deyong is an Entrepreneur and Investor with more than 25 years’ experience within Travel, Promotions, Rewards, Incentives and Marketing Technology industry. He is founder and CEO of The NDL Group and Co-Founder and CEO of Promotigo Technology Limited.

NDL is a specialist provider of consumer incentive programmes, delivering creative prizes and rewards for media companies and brands, employing a team of twenty-five people in London.

Promotigo Technology is the back-end platform that powers consumer promotions for some of the world’s biggest brands. From cereal box competitions, to sample requests, consumer cashbacks to coupon offers in more than 30 countries from the UK & Europe to the United States, Asia and South America.

Nick lives in Hertfordshire with his wife and two children. He has a keen interest in music and art and is an accomplished pilot in his spare time. He uses his love of flying as an opportunity to raise money for charity by donating free flights as auction prizes.

Nick also enjoys coaching and mentoring young entrepreneurs. Having started at such a young age, he has experienced most of the hard knocks and challenges faced by anyone aiming to start a business. He has a keen interest in how entrepreneurship, combined with modern-day social media, effects mental health.

“Our purpose in life is to make sure ideas happen.”

“Growth has been through consistent delivery and trying to do the best work we can do.”

“Going back to the early days I knew that I did not want to follow the standard path, though I do crave order in my life.”

“There’s three key things if you’re going to be successful in business…integrity, trust and reputation.”

“When I started the business I wanted to create an environment that I wanted to go and work in myself.”

“One of the things I learnt is you’re not the expert at everything. You can find people that are much better than you at doing the things that need to be done outside of your skills.”

“As a leader it’s important to show weakness.”

“You don’t need to always be the one with all the answers, the one that’s perfect, because people won’t believe it anyway. You might as well be yourself.”

“When you’re running a business you’re responsible for people’s livelihoods and it’s a really big challenge.”

“It’s about working smarter and doing the things that you’re good at doing and then sharing the load with others.”