Shaper: Molly Goddard & Joel Jeffery

Molly Goddard is Co-Founder and Creative Director of Desmond & Dempsey and Joel Jeffery is Co-founder and CEO.

Identifying a gap in the market, she and Joel launched their inaugural 100 Desmond & Dempsey pyjamas sets to deliver luxurious, affordable, cotton nightwear. Over the last four years, the brand has quickly built a strong international presence with renowned stockists such as Selfridges, Liberty and Bergdorf Goodman.

As Creative Director, Molly’s passion and vision is a driving force behind the company’s success. She remains heavily involved with the brand at every level, with a personal passion in the creation of Desmond & Dempsey’s quarterly broadsheet, ‘The Sunday Paper’.

As former Head of Social for Ad Dynamo, Joel led social marketing campaigns for major multinationals such as Unilever and Nike. Responsible for overseeing operations, he manages the company’s growth, blending production, creative, marketing and logistics into a single aligned vision. His success has also led him to oversee the company’s business strategy, including investment, fundraising, and managing the company’s Board of Directors.

Desmond & Dempsey has seen year-on-year sales grow by over 300%, launching multiple sell-out collections. In 2016, Desmond & Dempsey was successfully nominated for The Guardian’s ‘Startup of the Year’ award, succeeded by a ‘Startups 100 Award’ in the following year. In 2018 Desmond & Dempsey was nominated for Drapers ‘Premium Brand of the Year’.

“We had this rule that we would skype on a Sunday. It became a really happy time and our families would tease us.”

“The naivety actually meant that we had no idea of how hard it would be. We took the shirt of Joel’s that loved the most to a regular tailor and said, hey, can you help us make this into a woman’s one?”

“We were handwriting every single order and the postcard that went with it and we’d deliver it to the Post Office. The first time we noticed a name that we didn’t recognise we were like, well that’s fun. More and more of that started happening.”

“We got coverage in Vogue in our first couple of months and thought, maybe we’re on to something.”

“We do lots of different collaborations: the first was with this tiny antique marble shop in Florence, now we’re doing one with Gail’s, the bakery.”

“Everyone internally has worked hard to build a place that they really love coming into. It’s kind of cool that they hang out outside of work and we all eat lunch together on a Friday.”

“We don’t wait till we get home to disagree about something, we’ll do it in the office so our team knows that they can disagree with us too, which they do.”

“We’ve got an internal mission to be in bed with a million customers and have them spend and savour their Sunday mornings. We want them to fall in love with the brand.”

“The world needs to slow down a little bit and enjoy doing nothing. That freedom of a Sunday needs to be celebrated.”