Shaper: Merritt Baer

Merritt Baer is the Co-Founder of TodayTix – a global ticketing platform that aims to make theatre more accessible for everyone.

Having started his career at Lazard Frères in mergers and acquisitions, Marritt moved to Viagogo as the Head of Primary Inventory to work directly with sports teams, theatre companies and concert promoters to dynamically price tickets. In 2010, Merritt produced The Merchant of Venice (starring Al Pacino) on Broadway to critical acclaim. In 2012, his production of Death of a Salesman (starring Philip Seymour Hoffman) won him a Tony Award, Outer Critics Circle Award and Drama League Award as one of the youngest producers in history. His other Broadway and West End productions include Lucky Guy (starring Tom Hanks), Romeo and Juliet (starring Orlando Bloom), and The Bodyguard: The Musical.

Co-Founding TodayTix with friend Brian Fenty in 2013, TodayTix was conceived as a Broadway disruptor and has gone on to become a global ticketing platform changing the way audiences consume and connect with culture in 15 cities, with nearly five million users and over 1,300 theatre partners.


“I have a global perspective.”

“One of the things I have learned from the various phases of my life…is surround yourself with great people.”

“Word of mouth is generally the single best marketing tool for a show.”

“We have spent a lot of time thinking about what is the best way to connect with the next generation of culture lovers.”

“I think there’s an education piece that is really important to us, and it’s not that you don’t like theatre, maybe you didn’t like that big brassy musical or didn’t like that little black box play, but there’s definitely something for you in theatre.”

“There’s something in theatre for everyone.”

“When you start a company you want to dominate the world, but you also want to create something meaningful.”

“I’ve always said that there is a lot of sweating that goes on behind closed doors to make it seem as simple and easy as it is when you do it as a consumer.”

“I’m really passionate about both high level and the details.”

“There’s a tonne of incredible theatre out there… there’s something for everyone.”