Shaper: Matthew Januszek

Matthew Januszek is Co-Founder of Escape Fitness, a business committed to working with fitness clubs to deliver the best possible exercise experiences.

Founded in 1998, Escape Fitness has built a reputation for product innovation, quality and design while growing and competing through great partnerships in multiple markets worldwide.

From a garage gym to a global brand leader, Matthew Januszek is one of the fitness industry’s leading entrepreneurs. Building multiple successful businesses in the UK, Germany, Poland and the United States, he now sits on the board of directors for three companies.

Working across the globe with brands such as UFC Gym, David Lloyd, 24 Hour Fitness, Hilton and many more, Matthew wants to give others the opportunity to learn from his experiences, and those of other entrepreneurs, by hosting the Escape Your Limits podcast.

Follow Matthew on Twitter @MatthewJanuszek.

“I didn’t want to be where I was, and that was the fuel that pushed me to do something.”

“When you get to another level in business, there’s different breakthroughs that you have to make.”

“We didn’t wake up one morning and was suddenly a huge success.”

“I managed to get people behind me and it worked.”

“My father had a lot of belief in me.”

“It would never work if it was just me on my own.”

“Family businesses are different.”

“You have to have the mental discipline to work things out.”

“Exercise and mind-set are hugely important.”

“By talking about your struggles, you help a lot of people who are in similar situations.”