Shaper: Mark Wright

Moving to the UK from Australia in 2012 with just £172 in his pocket, Mark Wright has since become an award-winning entrepreneur and self-taught digital marketing specialist, Co-Founding results driven digital marketing agency – Climb Online.

Finding a job selling digital advertising services, in 2014 Mark pitched his business, Climb Online, to Alan Sugar on the BBC’s Apprentice and went on to win the series. As the most successful business to have been founded by an Apprentice winner to date, Climb Online is renowned for its disruptive approach to digital marketing, working with household brands to generate profit and scale growth.

In 2017 Mark was recognised on the Forbes 30 under 30 list [Europe], and has since won a many business accolades including Entrepreneur’s Team of the Year at the 2018 Great British Entrepreneur Awards and Entrepreneur of the Year at the 2018 UK Business Awards.



“I was working for one of the biggest companies in the country, and I really disagreed with the way they treated their staff and the way they treated their customers.”

“If you feel you can do something better than someone else, go out and do it.” 

“I am a real business person.”

“You shouldn’t stop searching for a career until you find what you are really good at. When you do a day’s work and it doesn’t feel like work, that’s how you know when you are in the right career.”

“I think about creating things, creating jobs, a brand, a legacy.”

“When you are young, you think that fame and money can answer a lot of problems…but what you really quickly learn is neither of them solves anything.”

“I believe that local people, in this country particularly, focus on London yet there are amazing businesses and entrepreneurs all around the country.”

“I believe in offering the best service and a human touch no matter what business you are in.”

“I try to make everyone who I work with at any point in their career, a better person.”

“I like things done properly.”