Shaper: Marcus Wareing

Marcus Wareing is a celebrated chef and Co-Founder of Marcus Wareing Restaurants. Marcus studied at Southport Catering College and was Gordon Ramsay’s protégé for 19 years. He was awarded his first Michelin Stars at 26, one of only a handful of chefs to be recognised at that age. His awards now include one Michelin star, Tatler Restaurateur of the Year and GQ Chef of the Year.

In 2008 Marcus and his wife, Jane founded Marcus Wareing Restaurants, a London-based restaurant group specialising in contemporary British food inspired by Marcus’ Northern heritage. In 2014 he joined the series Master Chef: The Professionals and continues to appear on it as a judge and mentor. He is also the author of seven cookbooks.

Follow Marcus on Twitter @marcuswareing.

“I often reflect on how I became a chef.”

“Going into a kitchen and making things… I loved it.”

“It made me happy, it made me smile, it was fun and it made me very popular.”

“The chef tried to make me sick to death of working, but he didn’t realise I was actually enjoying it.”

“You have to work at natural talent.”

“I am looking to pick people up on the things that they should be looking out for themselves.”

“Deep down inside I always wanted to have a go at running something, a company of my own.”

“Who was going to bail me out if it went wrong?”

“I just didn’t see myself as someone who could replace Michael Roux.”

“I was at my happiest when I was behind a hotplate with no social media, no iPhones and no one distracting me.”