Shaper: Marcia Kilgore

Serial entrepreneur, Marcia Kilgore, is the Founder of Beauty Pie – the radical, luxury cosmetic buyers’ club as well as Bliss, Soap & Glory, FitFlop and Soaper Duper.

Coming from humble beginnings, Marcia’s drive and ambition led her to Found Bliss Spa, selling a majority stake to LVMH in 1999. In 2006, she launched bath, body and cosmetics brand Soap & Glory, selling it to British drugstore giant, Alliance Boots/Walgreens in 2014.

Marcia then created a practical solution to optimizing every step and launched footwear brand FitFlop in 2007.

And the list doesn’t end there as Beauty Pie is Marcia’s latest venture, flipping the luxury beauty industry upside down, with a direct-to-consumer membership business model and totally transparent pricing.

Follow Marcia on Twitter @marciakilgore.


“I have made a decision to be positive and it takes practice.”

“I give in to enjoying my moments. We only go round once.” 

“The beauty industry is a really tough.”

“I come from nothing so I know how to be happy with nothing.”

“You can be very happy with very little, as it’s about your relationships and how you are experiencing things that don’t cost very much.”

“My theory is that no matter how hard your life is or the bad things that you go through, they are parts of your story, and parts of the dots that connects any kind of opportunity for you.”

“I am a freethinker.”

“I didn’t have it easy, so I am comfortable in difficult situations.”

“If you’re stuck and you don’t have the answer to something, the worst thing you can do is sit and stare at a screen.”

“I wanted to make sure that (my mum) wasn’t worried about me and the family.”

“I never had any money in my life really because everything that I made, I would invest and reinvest into the business.”

“I don’t really stare at numbers to try and come up with ideas or read the data on people, I just think in my gut, ‘People will love that’ or ‘This isn’t good enough’.”

“People underestimate how long it takes to just get a new idea cemented into people’s minds as something that is viable.”