Shaper: JP Then

JP Then, is the Co-Founder of Crosstown, a London-based omni-channel bakery brand known for its premium donuts and specialty coffee, and Founder of technology platform Slerp.

The idea for Crosstown came from his interest in speciality coffee and the Antipodean coffee culture and his business plan, sent to hundreds of people, caught the attention of Adam Wills, the Founder of Gourmet Burger Kitchen. The pair launched Crosstown in 2014 as a market stall on Leather Lane in London and the rest is history.

With a cult-like following, Crosstown has 20 locations across London, as well as events & catering segments and premium wholesale accounts such as Wholefoods and Harrods. Crosstown also has a fast growing online business, much of which is driven off the development of Slerp, a direct-to-consumer ordering platform that recently launched to the broader market at the end of 2019.

JP was recently named as one of the top 50 people shaping London in 2019 by Bumble.


“I like to move quickly, I like to have control.”

“I realised what I didn’t want out of a role and once you are comfortable about knowing what you don’t want to do, it’s as good as knowing as what you do want to do.”

“I needed something that challenged me.”

“We focus on maintaining really high quality product and making sure that our brand is desirable.”

“Crosstown has been led by the customer.”

“When you are a fast growing business and you are going through so much change, people have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

“Innovation plays a huge part of our culture.”

“You’ve got to get the right people involved with the right mindset.”

“As a long-term aspiration, it would be great to have a presence in other gateway cities.”

“I think the way that people interact with brands will evolve and I think in five years’ time it will be a very, very different conversation talking about food and tech.”