Shaper: Jon Bradford

Jon Bradford, a highly experienced early stage investor, is the Founding Partner of Motive Partners, a financial technology investment company.

Founder and Co-Founder of many other businesses including Dynamo Ventures, an early stage seed investor focused on Supply Chain and Mobility, Jon is well-accredited with the title “Godfather of European Accelerators” for founding Ignite100 Accelerator in the UK, the Start-up Wise Guys Accelerator in Estonia and the Eleven Venture Accelerator in Bulgaria. Alongside this, he helped to launch a further nine accelerators from Montreal to Moscow.

Jon is also a Director of the Bradfield Centre based in Cambridge, one of the largest start-up incubators in the UK.

Follow Jon on Twitter @jd.


“A lot has changed around entrepreneurship over the last 30 years.”

“I started to think about how I could solve my own problems.”

“I wanted to find people who share the same passions as me.”

“Entrepreneurs need to be persuasive.”

“What makes me tick is actually helping other entrepreneurs and feeding off their energy.”

“Empathy is having an ability to listen to and reflect on people and make them feel good about themselves.”

“I’ve done more interesting things in the last ten years of my life than I have done in the first forty.”

“You shouldn’t have to wait until you’re are forty years old to figure out what you want to do and why you want to be good at it.”

“I want to make people believe they can do things.”

“Entrepreneurship is a vocation.”