Shaper: Jim Cregan

Jim Cregan is the real ‘Jimmy’ behind Jimmy’s Iced Coffee. A company he co-founded with his sister Suze after becoming hooked on iced coffee during a trip to Australia. Disappointed to find supermarket shelves lacking a refreshing equivalent that wasn’t super sweet back in the UK, he decided to make his own. Following a few rounds of taste tests at the back of Suze’s café in Bournemouth, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee was born. Today the siblings have built up a nationally recognised and celebrity endorsed brand through a combination of tenacity, not taking themselves too seriously and a bold, fun and original approach to marketing. With a stand out line-up of four flavours, Caffe Latte, Belgian Chocolate Mocha, Dairy Free Oat and a Fat Free Skinny, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee can be purchased from major supermarkets nationwide, with global fridges soon to follow.

“I thought in true Dragon’s Den style – there was a gap in the marketplace for this particular product and I set about creating it. I got in touch with my sister, she was running a coffee shop at the time, and we used that as a lab to create our iced coffee.”

“I feel really lucky that we have gotten to this place, but since I was a kid I really liked being entrepreneurial.”

“I was in a horrible position of being a labourer in the winter moving bricks around for £50 a day, which is not fun, and in the summer I dressed in random outfits introducing acts on stage at festivals. It wasn’t sustainable. It was fun for a short period of time but I needed change.”

“Everything that you’ve done is everything that you’ve done.  Some things we’ve done are definitely wrong, some are definitely right. I don’t necessarily regret our mistakes because we needed them to succeed.”

“My advice: really take time to consider decisions as opposed to going ‘yes that sounds great’.”

“One day you wake up and say ‘oh no here we go’, and then next day you are on such a high because business is the best thing ever.”

“We needed our mistakes to succeed. I thought ‘why don’t we tell our story about iced coffee company through the medium of rap?’ – sounds terrible – but it turned into one of the funniest things the company has done.”

“Now, our marketing is amazing. I will say, ‘why are we doing an above the line bill board campaign in Leeds?’ and they’ll say ‘well Jim, the Tesco Express in Leeds is actually our bestselling store in the whole of the UK and there’s a big student market there – one of our fundamental audiences’.”

“As siblings we quickly realised that we had one common goal: to make an awesome ready-to-drink iced coffee.”

“We work well together because we can chew the fat, have fun and enjoy the fruits of our labour by just hanging out.”

“Fundamentally we want to become plastic free by 2020. Eventually we will go into a can because it is the most widely recycled material.”