Shaper: Farah Naz

Farah Naz is the Founder and Owner of EX1 Cosmetics, a cosmetics brand known for providing the ultimate “skin-on-skin” effect, producing a range of complexion-based products including foundations, powders, blushers and concealers to help you achieve perfect looking skin.

Struggling to find her own perfect foundation that was affordable, Farah used her biochemistry background to launch EX1 Cosmetics, providing consumers with a product range that truly matches their skin based on their undertones. EX1 Cosmetics has become a red-carpet staple and a favourite amongst Hollywood royalty, including the likes of Adele, Kate Hudson, Rami Malek and Kylie Jenner.

Growing to become one of the most popular cosmetics lines sold on, the world’s second largest online beauty retailer, the Telegraph has branded Farah a “cosmetics guru”, who is “changing the landscape of the [beauty] industry” (Forbes).

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“I think my whole journey has been underpinned by having an inquisitive mind.””I’m somebody that liked to question things all the time.”

“The combination of playfulness and being inquisitive is the definition of creativity.”

“Fundamentally it was about creating a range of products for, what I believed, were an underserved group of women.”

“I believe in creating products to give women options.”

“Investors will invest in your vision, so find a group of people that will support you and wholeheartedly believe in your proposition.”

“We are here to provide an alternative.”

“The idea behind the brand was to actually have a completely unique product offering.”

“My focus is very much on the business itself in terms of products, in terms of innovation, and I really hope that I can continue providing really high quality products”