Shaper: Ben Maruthappu

Ben Maruthappu is a London-based doctor and Co-founder and CEO of Cera, a multi-award winning technology company transforming social care. He advised the CEO of NHS England on £100 billion of health spending, co-founding the NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) which benefitted 3 million people in its first six months.

He has a strong interest in research with over 100 peer-reviewed publications and 50 academic awards. Ben has advised a range of organisations, from startups to multilaterals, including the Swiss government, the Experiment Fund and the WHO. He is Chairman of the UK Medical Students’ Association (UKMSA), and has authored three medical books.

Ben was educated at Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard universities. He was listed in WIRED’s Top 10 Innovators in Healthcare, ranked amongst the 100 most influential leaders in health technology globally, and was recently named Disruptive Leader of the Year.

“Working in health care at the moment is a unique opportunity.”

“I have always been interested in building companies and organisations.”

“I’ve always been a founder at heart.”

“When it comes to harnessing technology most of the effective solutions and answers that have been created have done so through businesses and ventures at a local level.”

“If you are going to build a business effectively it does require you to really focus and dedicate yourself whole heartedly to it.”

“You’ve got to be forward looking.”

“You have to have a very strong team.”

“You need to be tackling a problem that needs a solution.”

“Building a start-up is tricky but building it in the social care space is particularly challenging.”

“Our mission is to support users as well as we possibly can in their home.”

“It all revolves around your staff – who you decide to recruit and hire and then how you decide how to empower and support and monitor them.”

“In the future I think health care is going to move from hospital to home.”