Shaper: Ash Atalla

Ash Atalla is an Emmy and Golden Globe award winning and five times BAFTA-winning producer, best known for multi award winning series The Office (BBC), The IT Crowd (Channel 4) and People Just Do Nothing (BBC).

Co-founding his own independent production company, Roughcut TV produces outstanding comedy and drama for all the UK’s major broadcasters as well as in the US, through deals with HBO, Amazon and other platforms.

“I was just trying to think of something that I could do from a wheelchair.”

“There was no pool too shallow for me to dive into.”

“I always watched television comedy. My interest didn’t come out of nowhere.”

“It was the arrogance of youth, or the ignorance of youth which made me start writing letters to the BBC”

“There’s no real structure to a career path, it’s about being persistent.”

“At first, I didn’t quite understand the very fluid nature of the TV industry.”

“I feel my wheelchair is a cupboard that I can open and try and make work for me.”

“I like it when somebody comes into my office and won’t take no for an answer.”

“You can’t teach someone to have good or bad taste, but you can hire taste. When money meets fame, it doesn’t bring out the best in the human race.”