Shaper: Anand Verma

Anand Verma is the Founder and CEO of Brilliant Basics – a global customer-centric digital transformation studio.

Consistently delivering innovative digital products and services that help clients maximise their digital investment, under Anand’s leadership the Brilliant Basics team have come together to create a studio that disrupts traditional agency projects models, with the belief that “brilliance comes from getting the basics right.” Since the studio’s creation, the business has gone on to employ over 160 members of staff across the globe and what started as an office in London, has since led to teams in Norwich, Berlin, Bangalore and Stockholm.

Prior to starting Brilliant Basics, Anand was the youngest President and CEO at Interpublic Group (IPG) leading IPG Mediabrands Ventures in EMEA, a global media conglomerate where he led their digital Operations, Incubation and Acquisitions.

Anand also advises start-ups and universities, mentoring budding entrepreneurs and supporting the internship and apprenticeship scheme in the EMEA.


“I saw the market was infiltrated with technology solutions but they were forgetting who the solution was for.”

“Brilliance comes from getting the basics right.”

“There are three things that matter to me in terms of learning: first is to learn new things, second is to unlearn the old things because new rules are being created, and the third is to re-learn the things that might come in the future.”

“The world is changing so fast that you can’t just sit still anymore.”

“We allow our people to go and spend time with academia.”

“One of the hardest things to do is to align people on a vision.”

“Having a diverse team from various backgrounds is absolutely imperative to our success.”

“I feel that today is my day to do better than what I did yesterday.”

“Having modesty and humility is a big part of my core values.”

“It’s not just about us and our business and our profit, it’s about what do we do for the humankind and the environment.”