Entrepreneurs must be nimble in the face of cyber risks

Chancellor Philip Hammond announced last week that, over the next five years, the government will invest £1.9bn in trying to tackle cyber attacks.

There’s an argument that a sizable chunk of this funding should be directed towards stopping the problem at source abroad, but for UK-based entrepreneurs, their fight against cyber crime will necessarily be fought from their workplace.

Most organisations aren’t adequately prepared for cyber risks that change daily. Investment in policies, procedures and training is as important as putting in place the right technology to prevent attacks.

However, from startups to the FTSE 100 – one size doesn’t fit all. Entrepreneurs should start by identifying what assets are most at risk, how they are most likely to be compromised and what the most proportionate solutions are, bearing in mind that cyber security needs to be realistic.

Employees need to download attachments and click on links to do their job. It is no good trying to implement an outright ban on such activities or trying to discourage normal user activity. So, a business may wish to segregate its information, invest in better contracts, train its staff or hire a full-time security manager.

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