COVID-19: Guidance for business operations – communications

In our second article on managing your business operations, we outline some key tips for communicating with business and consumer customers.

  1. Start communicating with retailers as early as possible:

  • Begin an open, honest and regular dialogue with your business customers regarding the impact of the outbreak.
  • You may be tempted not to inform retailers of any potential delays or non-performance. However regular communication puts them on notice of issues and gives them a chance to mitigate their own exposure.
  1. Don’t forget your consumer customers:

  • Be aware of consumers’ rights to cancel any online orders within statutory “cooling off” periods, which may differ across different territories.
  • Make sure that any solutions or remedies offered to consumers are fair and do not risk leading to adverse PR (e.g. raising prices of SKUs in stock).
  • Continue your online presence, whether that is through daily Instagram posts to your followers or short video clips of how customers can continue to enjoy your services at home (for example, if you are in the food business, cooking videos; if you are in the health and wellness space, fitness and meditation videos). All of this will help solidify customer loyalty, as customers will be missing you just as much as you are missing them!