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UltraSoC Technologies
Founded 2009
Headquarters Cambridge

UltraSoC Technologies

UltraSoC Technologies Limited ("UltraSoC") provides intellectual property and software tools that allow chip development teams to monitor, analyse and enhance the internal operation of their products. The business is said to have been spun out from the Universities of Essex and Kent.

UltraSoC's tools allow engineers to look inside systems-on-chip (SoCs) during the development process, and understand exactly how they operate under real-life conditions. They are applicable in markets from network infrastructure to mobile phones and from safety-critical systems to the Internet of Things. The company provides a toolkit of more than 30 different modules, ranging from dedicated, optimised IP to highly parametrised modules that are configurable at design-time and run-time. UltraSoC supports any mixture of licensed-in IP and custom logic designed in-house.