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Founded 2008
Headquarters Manchester, Salford Quays


ResponseTap is a provider of software solutions, which analyse customer web activity, track subsequent telephone calls and enable companies to measure and improve marketing return on investment.

Its technology is said to enable the assignment of a unique telephone number to each web page visitor for the entire time spent on a website, which allows call handlers to obtain information about their clients prior to a phone call. Subsequently, based upon automatic data collection and segmentation, the software provides information in relation to call volume (e.g. best performing campaigns); call duration (including traffic sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn); visitor's web history and so on. In addition, ResponseTap's call-based marketing automation platform, rtap-experience, links the online customer journey with offline phone calls, delivering greater insights for effective marketing ROI attribution and improved customer service and sales.

ResponseTap's solutions enable businesses to integrate client relationship management (CRM) with their call centre capabilities; turn "unknown web visitors into known customers", start a conversation with prior insight about their clients (for effective marketing ROI attribution) and achieve "happier" customer experiences. (source: company's website)