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Founded 2009
Headquarters Shoreditch, London


MIRACL (previously CertiVox) is an Internet cyber-security and cryptography-focused company providing protection to Cloud Computing services (and their customers) by replacing the 'outdated' and 'problematic' single-authority certificates and public key infrastructure (PKI) models. (source: website)

According to its website, MIRACL’s pairing-based cryptographic platform for the Cloud addresses issues (including key management, secure communications, and data governance/compliance) that are said to currently challenge Cloud providers and their customers in sectors such as finance, government, and healthcare.

MIRACL has also developed the so called M-Pin crypto application, which offers identity and access management security online through a "zero-knowledge" proof authentication protocol that does not store passwords, PINs or credentials to prevent the database server attacks.

MIRACL is headquartered in the UK, with offices in London, San Francisco and Tokyo.