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Data IQ
Founded 2015
Headquarters Mayfair, London

Data IQ

DataIQ is part of DQM Group (formed in 1996) which specialises in data governance, research, audit, advisory services and technologies to de-risk data assets and to use data to drive business performance).

DataIQ was initially launched by DQM in 2011 as a programme of events, publications and online "to champion the use of data as a valuable asset powering business performance". Four years later, in 2015, Data IQ was set up as a separate company (and is said to be "a natural complement to DQM's existing range of data governance and protection services").

The company (which is the trading name of IQ DDG Ltd) refers to itself as a "community of professionals from FTSE 100, large, and mid-market organisations who work with data and are committed to data-driven strategies to deliver business success". The company is said to assist business professionals understand the benefits of adopting data-driven strategies, write business cases, implement best practice, meet all data regulation, and understand how to use the latest tools and technology to deliver sustained business improvement.

The company is understood to achieve this by providing essential insight, help and know-how from proprietary research, analysis, best practice and commentary from industry leaders and data experts. This is said to be made easily available through events and digital channels.

The website gives access to over 600 research reports and latest news on all aspects of effective data management (available upon registration). DataIQ has over 6,500 subscribers and more than 5,000 unique monthly web site visitors to whom it offers services in a few key areas. These include: keeping up to date with industry news and leading opinion via the website and the DataIQ Bytes digest email (sent to over 22,000 data professionals); providing the latest market insight and advice from other expert sources in the market; facilitating learning and networking across its range of events; and assisting in finding the most suitable service and solution providers with such tools as its Network Directory.

The company contributes actively to trade and government bodies including the DMA, IDM, PPA, and UKTI. It is supported by the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, the Direct Marketing Association and Tech UK.