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Brompton Bicycle
Founded 1976
Headquarters London

Brompton Bicycle

Brompton design and manufacture their distinctive folding bikes in London, producing circa 45k bikes per years exporting 80% to 44 countries globally. The Brompton was invented by Andrew Ritchie in his flat on the Cromwell Road in 1975, overlooking the Brompton Oratory Church, hence the name. Brompton have made circa half a million bikes to date; used day in day out by commuters all over the world. Whilst the fundamental design hasn’t changed the product has continually evolved and in the last few years Brompton has been working with Williams F1 to take some of their KERS tech out of their F1 cars and put it in their bikes. With the launch of the Brompton Electric expected later in this year.As we become a world of urbanites so it is increasingly important to rethink how we live in cities, to improve air quality, do a bit more exercise and have some fun, the Brompton isn’t the solution but it is certainly part of it!