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Brainlabs Digital Ltd
Founded 2012
Headquarters London

Brainlabs Digital Ltd

Brain Labs Digital Ltd ("Brainlabs") is a pay-by-click marketing agency. It runs performance campaigns, by building targeted and relevant programmatic display, paid social, and paid search campaigns, using a blend of mathematics, technology and analytics.

It also offers training courses in advanced analytics, programmatic, pay-by-click campaigns and so on.

Brainlabs' clients are from a wide range of industries, specifically: charity; finance; insurance; publishing; recruitment; retail; travel and leisure, as well as rapid growth businesses and include brands and organisations such as Deliveroo (another Leap 100 2016 company), Pizza Domino, Secret Escapes, National Geographic and UNICEF. Interestingly, in order to understand the challenges they face, Brainlabs is said to run the so-called "Immersion Programme", during which it spends a few days in its clients' offices, where it tries to learn everything it can about the business.