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Artesian Solutions Ltd
Founded 2007
Headquarters Winnersh

Artesian Solutions Ltd

Artesian Solutions Ltd ("Artesian") is a social selling software business, offering a customer engagement solution for B2B sellers and their sales and marketing teams. It turns online data into insights for B2B lead generation, relationship and risk management and is said to give its customers (referred to as "users") the ability to "target, connect and share" with customers and prospects.

Artesian gathers and tracks intelligence on customers, prospects and competitors from, reportedly, millions of online resources including blogs, news sites, editorials and social platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn. The acquired information is then filtered and "transformed" into commercially valuable insights, based on the companies and industries that are important to users. Artesians' solutions enable businesses to create highly targeted lists, to engage with its clients, spot commercial opportunities and build up their reputation.

The company is said to deliver on average 12 million actionable insights per month on almost 700,000 companies to its 25,000 users, based in the UK and the US. Amongst its customers are: American Express; Adobe; Barclays; Cisco; HP; HSBC; Lloyds Banking Group; RBS; Towergate (a UK-based insurance broker); and Willis (a multinational risk advisor, insurance brokerage company, based in the UK).

Its "Artesian Academy" (which the business launched in 2015) offers users unlimited access to videos, webinars, workshops, and self-paced learning content and aims to enhance the performance of B2B sellers.

Throughout the year, the business also runs events (including face to face and digital only), some of which are exclusively for its clients, whilst others are open to "everyone dedicated to sales excellence and business transformation".