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Founded 2009
Headquarters Soho, London


Aframe is a cloud platform for video collaboration, which is said to be reducing the complexity of working with high resolution, multi-format media.

According to its website, the platform makes managing media more simple, efficient and cost effective. It is understood that organisations use Aframe to upload, transcode, store, share and collaborate on large scale, multi-format media in real time, across locations and time zones.

Typical benefits are said to include: 34% improvement in workflow efficiency and productivity; 32% improvement in security and business agility; 30% increase in content usage, returns and revenue; 30% reduction in complexity and technical issues; and 23% saving in cost.

Headquartered in London with operations in Boston, New York and Los Angeles, Aframe's clients are said to include: broadcast, media and corporate organisations worldwide. (Source: City AM, LinkedIn, Website)