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Adbrain Ltd
Founded 2012
Headquarters London and San Francisco

Adbrain Ltd

AdBrain is a data intelligence company, which operates a real-time, multi-screen demand-side advertising platform, referred to as AdBrain Identity Cloud. It maps customer relationships across various Internet connected devices, channels, and platforms; targets customers as they switch between various Internet connected devices; and measures user behaviour. According to its website, however, AdBrain never identifies specific individuals or collects personal or unnecessary data.

The company is said to have developed a big data ingestion and processing engine which has the ability to ingest huge quantities of data and to apply artificial intelligence and specific patented machine learning algorithms over that data in order to analyse it.

It is understood that AdBrain is "on its way" to becoming a "scaleup", a company defined as having annualised growth in turnover or employees greater than 20% per year. However, reportedly, the business still sees itself as a start-up, despite the fact that, in 2015, its team gradually increased in size from 4 to currently, 40 employees. Going forward, in 2016, the business is said to double the number of staff. (Tech City Insider, 5 January 2016)