APPG for Entrepreneurship – The Economy, Technology and Bouncing Back after Coronavirus

As the Secretariat for the APPG for Entrepreneurship, Mishcon The Leap partner The Entrepreneurs Network, is hosting a series of webinars to bring Parliamentarians and leading business owners together to explore what the future holds for start-ups and scale-ups post-COVID-19. In this latest APPG for Entrepreneurship session on the Economy, Technology and Bouncing Back after

Government support and grants for businesses affected by COVID-19

Since Boris Johnson officially announced the first lockdown measures in the UK on 23 March, the Government’s measures to support businesses financially have come in a series of different announcements. They have been subject to a number of changes and further updates. We have pulled together this handy checklist in table format of the key schemes. We’ve included a

COVID-19: FAQs for employers

In this post, we set out the most frequently asked questions, with our answers, taking into account the latest Government advice. We intend to keep these FAQs updated in light of any new concerns raised by our clients and rapidly changing government guidance. See the FAQs here.

Mishcon Academy: Digital Sessions – B Corps – A Framework for Better Business – In conversation with Chris Turner and Nadim Meer

Mishcon Academy: Digital Sessions are a series of online events, videos and podcasts looking at the biggest issues faced by businesses and individuals today. B Lab UK is at the forefront of the drive towards responsible business, supporting an ever growing  global community of like-minded entrepreneurs to build credibility, trust and value by combining purpose

Mishcon Academy: Digital Sessions – Sources of Funding

Mishcon Academy: Digital Sessions are a series of online events, videos and podcasts looking at the biggest issues faced by businesses and individuals today. This live session was held on 11 June 2020. The information in the film is correct at the time of recording.* Please see here for our summary of the key schemes available to support your

COVID-19: Cyber risks to consider when returning to work

In previous posts we have discussed the cyber risks businesses faced as staff moved to a home-working model. While it’s not clear yet when, or in some cases if, staff will be moving back to their offices, it’s worth considering what risks should organisations be cognizant of ahead of this next shift in working practices.

The furlough scheme is changing

As widely anticipated, the Chancellor used the Government press conference on 29 May to announce further details of the extended furlough scheme (see our alert here for news of the extension), which came with a few surprises: First, the contribution towards the cost of the scheme required by employers from August will be less than many feared,

The Coronavirus Future Fund

On 20 May 2020, applications opened for the Coronavirus Future Fund, the Government's scheme to help high-growth companies who are facing financing difficulties due to COVID-19. In partnership with the British Business Bank, the Government has made an initial £250 million available for investment through the scheme, although it will consider increasing this amount if